Welcome to The Dojoe (My Hall of Fame)

I've been fortunate to meet some fantastic people throughout my life. These people have been the Mr. Miyagis in my journeys who have all impacted who I am today. They've taught me technical skills and life lessons, given me opportunities, and have been there when I needed help.

The purpose of the Dojoe is twofold. It not only exists to show my appreciation to these folks; but it's also for you, the reader, to reflect on who would be in your hall of fame.

To everyone here, thank you for everything.

// The ordering of names is random

Ronald Nowling

Jason Jang

Julian Singkham

Derek Riley

Christian Hennig

Ivan Moreno

Isaiah Rondeau

Nathan DuPont

Michael Spence

Supun Dewaraja

Kyle Rodrigues

Jacob Voller

Ben Stern

Nathan Nolte

Karl Schwerin

James Rector

Erick Johnson

Cody Friso

Matthew Schmidt

AJ Whitney

Mike Novotny

Alex Kempen

Britney Flores

Kier Anderson

Seth Fenske

Aaron Strong

Michelle Weller

Morgan Patch

Ethan Hindes

Andrew Kempen

Sabrina Stangler

John Deng

Trenton Bowser

Travis Ottelien

Joseph Carey

Jonathon Magaña

Steven Mose

Michael Holley

Michael Anderson

Nathan Johnson

Cassie Viol

William Chen

Brian Kim

Grace Fleming

Christian Abegglen

Fahim Mahmood

Meiling He

Andrew Wojciechowski

Carl Malagodi

Julia Sajdowitz

David Koper

Isaiah Zupke

Trey Guise

Crystal Smith

Ben Kraft

Matej Koncos

Tim Bentz

Dwight Diercks

Lex Fridman

Jorge Gutierrez

Tommy Jungwirth

Michael Hinder

George Hotz

Dylan Critz

Garrett Bachmann

Augustin Calderon

Hannah Marron

Cody Daniels

Sven Broman

Drew Talo

Francisco Maturana

Lucas Adrian

Tony Tong

Albert Meng

Tony Zhang

Todd Atkinson

Nathan Rothe

James Lembke

Ben Felda

Alex Blackman

Walter Schilling

Paul Weller

Kyler Johnson

Joel Frank

Mark Medinger

Isaac Ballone

John Bukowy

Tou Tong Xiong

James Alumkal

Sundar Venkat

Ryan Erdman

Xander Neuwirth

Sohum Sohoni

Brittany Kaehn

John Osmanski

Omer Saeday

Paul Rinaldi